Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Bert and Ernie, Geoffrey and Bungle, Daniel and Miyagi

A short blog post today and it concerns a question that has been on my mind since I started this blog.

Who is the introvert and who is the extrovert in the Bert and Ernie combo?

What do you think?

Because we only see them together onscreen and very rarely do we see them with other characters, it is difficult to say. I would say that Ernie is the extrovert while Bert, even though he gets angry with what Ernie gets up to would be the quieter introverted type character.

That is only speculation mind you. But, the good thing is that we can all sleep well tonight because we have possibly, solved the mystery but we will never know unless they come out and say and by coming out I'm not talking about anything else that people say about these two because it is not true in my opinion.

If it was true mind you it would really wreck my childhood like the following two videos have.

Well one has wrecked my childhood and the other one wrecked my teenage years.

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