Saturday, 15 April 2017

Here are some signs that you might be on the extroverted introvert side of the spectrum.

Despite what you might read and even this blog could be considered a culprit by making you think there are two groups in this world, introverts and extroverts.

Basically for this topic, we all exist on a spectrum, very much like a political spectrum so if the far left is the people who never leave their room let alone the house right across to the people who are out and about every single night and can't bare to spend one minute alone.

In my mind the people to the left of centre would be considered ambiverts or extroverted introverts. Here are some signs that you might be an extroverted introverts, very much like me. Aren't you lucky.

1. You are good around people.

Most people will think that you are a extrovert on the far right of the spectrum. At the party you can tell jokes, tell stories, dominate the room (for a short time). They are usually really surprised to hear that you like to spend time alone and that you really recharge alone or with someone else. They also can't understand why you want to leave early.

2. You like the one-on-one better.

I would say that I fall into the category. I would much prefer to go to the bar with a mate as opposed to a whole bunch of people. I would much prefer to have dinner with someone special as opposed to having a few at a party.

With one-on-one you can have a really good conversation and really get into the guts of the topic as opposed to scratching the surface with a group.

3. Sometimes you just don't want to go there.

Even though you are good at the parties and you can dominate the room, actually going can cause you to feel bad. It can cause you to start thinking of ways to get out of the party but you do realise that once you get there it will be fine. It's like going to the gym, right? This morning I didn't really want to go to the gym but I forced myself out of bed and it was great.

4. Alone time is the best.

If you are uncomfortable being alone, then you have absolutely no right in calling yourself an introvert. I know that I have gone whole days without talking to people. YouTube got a thorough workout as did Netflix.

5. We still get lonely though. 

Extroverted introverts still get lonely. We want our alone time but we still need to get out and about and be social from time to time and if we can't create that social time we will feel lonely, believe me.

6. An extroverted introvert doesn't like compliments.

I remember someone paid me a big compliment at the gym a few months ago. Of course I should have just said "Thank you" and moved on but I felt really uncomfortable about it all and made excuses why the guy shouldn't say that. He got really angry with me and almost shouted at me that I should just say "thank you." It felt really weird.

7. Cafes are cool.

Someone who you would classify as an extroverted introvert likes to hang out at cafes or the like but not necessarily say hello to other people. As I am writing this, I am sitting in a library with many other people around me. I'm not talking to anyone but I can still see people around me and feel like I am part of something. I would feel really lonely sitting in my room doing this.

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