Thursday, 6 April 2017

Introverts: You will understand these - Part 7

This was interesting on Instagram.

The 21 things that only introverts will understand. I'll spend a few days going through them and maybe explaining them to you from my experience. The passages in bold are from the Instagram post:

19. When someone tells you to call them but you text them instead. You're a lot more clever/confident/clear when you write your thoughts instead of saying them out loud.

I can sort of understand this one, but sometimes communicating by text can be a real drag. You go back and forth trying to organise a meeting or something similar and it would have been much easier if you had just dialled the number and finished the phone call in five minutes instead of five days that some texting could take.

In saying that, it is true that some of us do express ourselves better in the written form as opposed to the spoken form but surely it is only a text. Then again, maybe you don't want to go out that particular night and the other person might sense the hesitation in your voice when you are saying no and guilt you into going out, so in that sense, the text may well be better.

20. When you avoid getting your hair cut for a few weeks because you know you'll have to muster the energy to make small talk with the stylist for a least 30 minutes. 

I have been going to the same guy to have my hair cut for over 10 years. I enjoy the experience. The hot towels, the shave, the massage, having my hair washed twice. It is a pleasurable experience.

I do know that over the last 10 years there has been times where I have put it off and I always thought that it was because I couldn't be bothered to travel there but maybe subconsciously, it was because I didn't want to do small talk although I must admit that the reason I go to that guy is because I like the small talk. I can imagine why people would avoid it though. Sometimes it might be better to just close your eyes and relax and let him or her just do their job.

21. When you get off work and you're so mentally burned out that you don't even want to turn on music or a podcast in your car. You just need everything to be quiet for a few minutes, PLEASE.

No. I have never had this experience although sometimes you just want to go home and go straight to bed. I'm sure most of you have experienced that. You get home and about 90 seconds later you are in bed snoring your head off.

There you have it. Over the last 7 days I have commented on things that introverts will understand. Did any of them resonate with you? I'm sure that a few did if not all.

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