Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Secret of Life?

What's the meaning of life?

That is the $64 trillion question, isn't it?

You can make life hard for yourself or you can make it slightly easier. "How do you do that?" I hear you ask.

This might sound like old advice and it is but as we all know, receiving the advice is the easy part while actually implementing the advice (if you think it is worthwhile) is the difficult part.

The secret is (drumroll please), each day do something that makes you a better person. It might be doing a couple of extra reps at the gym. (They will add up over the year, believe me)

It could be doing 10 minutes of extra reading. You never know what those 10 minutes might discover.  It might change your life. Who knows?

Just do that little extra and see what happens.

By having that challenge and trying to be better than the previous day or week, yes you will slowly  become the man or woman that you always wanted to be.

Do you know what the result is?

In the past, if you are anything like me you would have been chasing money, you would have been chasing love and you would have been chasing success.

By becoming better and better each day, suddenly you will be attracting money, you will be attracting love and you will be attracting success.

The question you and I have to answer today is, what are you and I going to do to be better than yesterday and what are you and I going to do tomorrow to be a better person than today?

Interesting question, right?

Only you know the answer.

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