Tuesday, 2 May 2017

What is a sapiosexual?


Can anybody tell me what this word, sapiosexual, means?

I asked someone this question recently and their response was:

"Haven't you heard of Google?"

That's quite funny. I can imagine in schools all over the world,

"Hey teacher. What does photosynthesis mean?"

"Hey student. Don't you know what Google is?"


"Sir. What was the old guy's name who published the theory of relativity."

"I don't know. Have a look and see what the Internet says."

Anyway, lets get back to the topic at hand:

What is a sapiosexual?

Apparently, a sapiosexual is someone who prefers someone's intelligence over their physical appearance.

This doesn't mean that you don't appreciate a man's pecs or biceps or calf muscles.

This doesn't mean that you don't appreciate a woman's legs or posterior or mammary glands.

No, it just means that you are more concerned about their intellect and what is going on in between their ears and also the interesting stuff that is coming out of their mouth.

What should you look for to know if you are a sapiosexual or not?

The first thing is that you might not find the person you meet attractive at start but the more you talk to them the more you grow to like them. Maybe from the beginning, their physical look might have not grabbed your attention but after that you realise that they do have something going on and you want to learn more about them.

The second thing that you might be a sapiosexual is that you would rather have a great intellectual conversation than play hide the sausage. I'm not saying that you don't want to play the aforementioned game but you get really stimulated by the conversation first and then you might do some other things.

The third thing to know if you are a sapiosexual or not is that you don't care if they have a BMW or a Rolex or wear Calvin Klein underwear. All that you care about is whether they are always learning. You care about if they want to have in-depth discussions. You are looking for someone who is well read. You are looking for someone who talks about the latest scientific discovery as opposed to what happened on Keeping up with the Kardashians. (By the way, that is not a dig at the Kardashian family. They must be doing something right to have millions of viewers a week. What do they say about people who watch too much television? Television is for people who have forgotten about their dreams and watch other people accomplishing their dreams. That sort of makes sense doesn't it? When we watch sport, that is basically what we are doing.)

When I was at high school, we had an assembly every morning. We would sing a song. I remember on Mondays it was the national anthem and then we would say the Lord's Prayer:

Our Father, which art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy Kingdom come....

By the way, I'm not religious at all. I just remember the Lord's Prayer as we probably said it at school more than 1000 times.

After that, one of the senior teachers would read out messages and the like. One of the teachers was very funny in that he could pick up a spelling mistake or incorrect grammar usage very quickly and he would tell us too. (To be fair, I don't know about you but a spelling mistake does stick out like a sore thumb. Don't you think so?)

This brings me to the fourth indicator about being a sapiosexual in that you can't accept poor grammar. I mean, doesn't it annoy you when someone says, "I CU b4 9." WTF? That looks like morse code to me. What do you think?

I'm constantly astonished when I hear people ask why are those two together? It might be a five foot five guy with a big pot belly and a comb over hair cut with a five foot ten supermodel looking woman. Hands up how many of you think that either he is extremely rich or is well endowed? Probably a lot of you, right? What about the fact that they might actually be attracted to each other's intellect? She might look like a supermodel but she might have a PhD. He might look like a loser but he might be extremely well read and they are a perfect fit.

That reminds me of this:

The final thing that might indicate that you are a sapiosexual is that you just like knowledge. You like that the other person has a good general knowledge. You like the fact that the other person is good at Trivial Pursuit or some other quiz game. That person collecting six pies as quickly as possible is very sexy to you.

There you have it. It isn't all about the body. It isn't all about the biceps or the boobs or the abs or the eyes. it could be about the mind and that is what the sapiosexual is all about.

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